The Best Way to Predict the Future is to Invent the Future

by Alan Kay

We work with corporations and individuals to invent their future

About Us
Insight Unlimited was found in 2007 with the intent of helping corporations and individuals to invent their future. To achieve this, we work with corporations to cultivate a performance culture and grow their human capital.

Most approaches to leadership/personal development focus primarily on competencies or capabilities, overlooking inner drives and motivations. When leaders discover not only what they are doing but also why they are doing it, they begin to see how these underlying assumptions impact their leadership effectiveness. We do not simply building the skills but also work with the leaders’ “vertical development” – increasing heir emotional health.

Our approaches to leadership and personal development integrate the Enneagram -  an powerful tool for understanding what motivates and drives an individual. We are also specialised in applying the Enneagram to the business world.

九型人格奇遇記 2


A new ebook is published! It helps us to build better relationships with the Enneagram

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A video on how the Enneagram helps us coping with challenges!


The Harmonic Groups are about how each Enneagram Types cope with challenges. These are the essential elements for going through difficult time.

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Three Enneagram teachers are sharing their insights on Youtube.

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New Enneagram ebook!


This book is a collection of stories about the Enneagram Types. Through the stories, we learn why the Types behave these ways and the struggles they are experience. The book is now available at Google Play Store. Ebook can be read in any device.

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We help clients to cultivate a performance culture grow their human capital

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Leaders Training

We are committed to developing your leaders' capabilities.

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Enneagram Training

We provide public and corporate training workshops, and one-on-one coaching services to help leaders building their understanding in their Enneagram Types.

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Executive Coaching

We support leaders to further develop their leadership capabilities

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Personality hampers Your Intelligence

When our ego is operating, we are busy with defending our self images instead of accepting new ideas.

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How to strengthen our memory

When our ego is operating, we are busy with defending our self image rather than registering the information.

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Jacquelin Cheung

Principal Consultant

Certified Enneagram Teacher

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