16 Feb

If you've ever found yourself forgetting where you left your keys or blanking out in important presentation then you have probably wished that your memory was a bit better.  There are many reasons for losing your memory - ages, stress, health etc. Yet one thing I notice is about "Presence". Some people literally is not present so they have not registered the information at all. They are forgetful,  they only have no memory at all. 

Why people not present? Some people tend to avoid conflicts. When they disagree with others, instead of speaking up, they go daydreaming. These professional daydreamers are running on the auto pilot mode and they even cannot recall what they have had for breakfast!  

Some people are being occupied by their ego. They only want to listen to what they want to listen. Otherwise, not registered.  They only want to talk about themselves, so they are not listening to what you said. 

So, being presence - clear your mind and be focus. Then you can really listen and understand what others are talking about. And you can remember what they have said. When you are present, you can notice what's happening and you can recall. 

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