Who's your best travelling companion?

13 Apr

A Type Nine friend just came back from travelling to Bangkok.  He looked tired exhausted after the trip. Supposed Bangkok is a relaxing place and people always get refreshed there. So very curious to find out what happened to him. He responded bitterly, "I traveled with an unhealthy Seven!"  Before the trip, the Seven friend has done a lot of researches and come up with a "must do & must eat" list. Once they arrived Bangkok, they started shopping, eating and spa. Everyday, they got up at 8 am and came back to the hotel till 11:00 pm. On top of the schedule, the Seven friend would have ad hoc activity particularly when he came across with interesting thing. Everyday was packed with schedule. My Type Nine friend is a slow paced person. He prefers enjoying the food slowly and emerging in the beauty of the nature. So this make him very tired.  My Nine friend tried to talk with the Seven friend, "Let's slow down a bit.  You can come to Bangkok again next time to do other things" The Seven friend responded, "next time I will have other fun things to do!" 

When Sevens are at lower level of emotional health, they fear that they will miss anything. They constantly seeking a variety of things and experience. But they don't really enjoy the moment. When they are having the experience, they start anticipating the next experience. Thus they keep seeking yet not satisfied.  

When travelling, make sure to find someone is emotionally balanced. 

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