What happened when travelling with a Type 3

27 Apr

Type Threes need to have a sense of accomplishment to prove they are valuable.  Achieving a goal is one of the ways to prove that they have value. So, even  when they travel,  they must have goals. When there is a goal, there needs to have a plan. I have a Type Three friend who likes travels.  I only need to tell her a few places you want to go or things you want todo. She will research and plan ahead before the trip. Everyday, there will be at least three itineraries. She will also  three backup plans. In case there is changes in any of the itinerary, there will be backups to ensure that no time is wasted. (For a Type Three, wasting of time  is a crime!).  Every night, after going  back to the hotel, she will do a review and revisit the travel book again to see if there is a need to adjust the itinerary. She will also ensure that you are happy. She can only sleep well When all the planning is done. 

You will be very lucky to travel with a Type 3 friend. But they are selective when choosing a travel companion. They don't want others to screw up their plan and  exploit their happy time. 

Yet, traveling should be fun and enjoyable. Why can't a Type Three can't relax? Thats the things Threes need to learn. 

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