Password Maniac

01 Feb

Type Six people is always very conscious. When their emotional wellness is not very healthy, they become over worrying. I have a Type Six friend who is always anxious about the privacy of her mobile phone.  She has a very complicated password to unlock her phone. And she has also set a unique strong password for each of the App  on her phone (if the App has the password function). Then she starts worrying that she will forget the passwords. So she has another App to store the passwords and she sets a 16-character strong password for this app. Yet she is afraid that she cannot recall this super password, so she writes down on a paper and store in a safe. Of course the safe has a strong passwords. 

My poor Type Six friend, her life is all about passwords. Is the risks are so huge that we need to spend all our energy on protecting our passwords? Unhealthy Type Sixes are unable to differentiate and their fears are always so real to them that they must use all the energy to prevent the bad things happen. 

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