Alternative way of enjoying music

09 Feb

Type Fives like studying and they want to know everything. I have a Type Five friend who loves the song Raise Me Up. He has different versions of Raise me Up: different singers, different instruments etc.  Few weeks ago he  invited me to his home to enjoy the Raise Me Up together. He first played Josh Groban's version, but he only played the Chorus part. Then played another version: the Chorus part only. Then another version, again, the Chorus part only. He played 10 different versions of the Chorus part. I was pretty irritated as I couldn't enjoy the song at all. So I asked him why he did that. He said, "I am comparing different versions so I need to have a control environment so that I can find out the differences1" Oh, my God, he is not listening to the music, he is doing experiment. 

Maybe  I need to respect that this is the Five-way to enjoy music. But I will be more careful with Five's invitation. I don't want like doing experiments. 

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