A forgetful Type 9

16 Feb

Type Nines wants to maintain harmony - with themselves and with others. Avoiding the reality is one of the common tactics Type Nines always use. To a Type Nine, the safest place is their minds. So an Average Nine always stay in thier day-dreams and become very forgetful. Recently I heard a funny but thought-provoking story about a Type Nine. My friend went on a vacation with her Type Nine husband. On the last day, they had to pack up and check out. After the breakfast, her husband rushed to the room immediately. He then closed the door and shut my friend out.  The friend was upset yet she uderstands that Type Nines need some space. She thinks that her husband may be troubled by the tight timeline as he is always slow paced; and he may needs some time to process. So she waited patiently outside the room. But the fact was: her husband had completely forgotten his wife and started packing.  She waited for 10 minutes and heard that her husband was humming a song, then she realised that her husband indeed forgot about her!  She slaps the door angrily, and yelled at him. The most annoying thing is that her husband said innocently: "I just forgot that you are outside!" The friend fainted!

My friend then finally concluded that her husband is not just keeping her out of the room, but keeps her out of his heart!

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